Sleeper Cells (We're Older Now) [Demo]

from by Early Labyrinth

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Sleeper Cells (We're Older Now)

Suicided our old selves to find
a paradigm a kid could believe in
we wrote away for books and vinyl
delivered to the woods

Threw away my old youth Bible
sick and tired of how it portrayed women
threw out my rap tapes while I was at it
sold my sell-outs second hand

Our mothers cried when we went vegan
hard to relate when kids are just so far from death
Ripping out those Nazi teenagers
like wisdom teeth with righteous wrath

and I know you'll say we're older now
and I know that all those vivisectors have retired
But I hope we've just gone underground
That this boring adult life ain't mine, it can't be mine

Smashing glass with baseball bats
is a natural right of youth born in this
dumpster fire of a culture mired in its superficial shit

We brought the Weather Underground
to speak to our high school class about Mumia
Salvadoran death squads and Monsanto on our lips

For all these homophobic heathens
was it ever even possible to proselytize?
Even with all these open secrets
somehow a person with a brain can still trust the FBI

and I know you say we're older now
and I know most of those whaling ships
are mothballed fleets
but I still hope we've gone underground
That this boring adult in the mirror isn't me

Consider going along for the ride
or suicide but there's no use in leaving
waiting for the chance to die
or show how real you used to fake

What will the woodwork reveal
when drawing lines in the sand of convenience?
Sleeper cells of moms and dads
with some tough decisions to make.


from Demos (No Gods, No Mastering), released October 25, 2019




Early Labyrinth Berlin, Germany

Thematically Punk.

World Premiere November 14th at WESTGERMANY, Berlin

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